Have You Considered Mentorship?

How do you find a career you care about? According to U.S. Marine veteran Raul Torres, it’s by asking the right questions and making the right connections.

Before transitioning out of the military in 2020, Torres heard of American Corporate Partners (ACP) and signed up for a mentorship. ACP worked with him to identify a mentor who could provide career guidance and would open her network to him.

Then, he signed up for a [RecruitMilitary career fair](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/events/schedule) and created a [job board profile](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs#signin), opening his network further to recruiters and employers. Well before his transition, Torres had secured a great role at an organization with a cause.

Watch his story here.

**Could your military transition and employment story follow a similar path? **

####Joining Forces

RecruitMilitary is honored to join forces with ACP to create a seamless career journey for America’s military community through career exploration, professional development, and meaningful opportunities.

ACP’s Mentoring Program connects veterans with industry professionals for year-long, customized, one-on-one mentorships of an hour per month. The mentorship program is free and focuses on connecting post-9/11 veterans, active-duty personnel, and eligible military spouses (Protégés) with corporate professionals (Mentors) for customized mentorships.

ACP assists veterans and eligible spouses on their path towards fulfilling, long-term careers, whether the veteran is job searching or currently employed and looking for career development advice. ACP Mentors help their Protégés find meaningful employment during times of transition.

ACP’s mission is well aligned with ours, enhancing the job seeker journey with more meaningful connections and higher levels of success.

####One-on-One Help

Mentorship builds both general and specialist knowledge. It hones leadership, decision-making, and critical-thinking skills. It also creates more avenues for to opportunities directly aligned with your interests and capabilities.

Here are some of the areas that ACP mentors will focus on:

- Résumé review
- Interview preparation
- Networking
- Work-life balance
- Leadership
- Professional communication
- Career advancement (once a position is obtained)

The process is more involved than participating in a workshop or taking a class (though those have benefits as well). Instead, ACP hand-selects a Mentor for each veteran and spouse's yearlong experience. Mentors hail from some of America’s most respected companies and offer expertise in almost every corporate field.

####A veteran’s advice

“Start today and ask the right questions,” said Torres. He recommends finding mentorship specific to your field of interest. Then, begin building your network to make the right connections.

Next, make sure your resume backs up your skills and experience. (Use the [RecruitMilitary job board](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs#signin) to fill out all of the fields that can then be used in your resume.)

Then? "Get yourself out there,” says Torres. Use the RecruitMilitary job board to apply for jobs that fit your resume. Go to RecruitMilitary job fairs and meet industry recruiters.

“The right opportunity may show up in a way you don’t expect. You never know who will call you just from signing up on the job board or registering for a career fair,” Raul said.

####Take the next step

ACP gives you the mentorship and guidance to be a strong contender in the corporate job market. Now, let RecruitMilitary bring the opportunities to you.

Announce your presence in the workforce and [build your RecruitMilitary profile](https://success.recruitmilitary.com/jobs#signin).

[Learn more about ACP mentorship](https://www.acp-usa.org/mentoring-program)