Building a Remote Career as a Military Spouse: RecruitMilitary is Here for the Journey

It’s no secret that the American workplace has changed.

At the height of the pandemic, nearly everyone had to make tough decisions between work, income, livelihood, and their responsibilities at home. Since some employers insisted on in-person attendance or the work responsibilities could not be completed from home, many workers quit their jobs to stay home as caretakers or full-time parents. *Sound familiar?*

**Luckily, this shift has pushed employers to adjust their expectations on working from home, and these changes have opened more career opportunities that accommodate the employment needs and priorities of military spouses.**

For a military spouse, the opportunity to find a remote position and build a long-term career with an organization that understands their need for flexibility has never been better.

###Skills for the New Work Environment
As a military spouse, you couldn’t be in a better position to take advantage of this new flexible work landscape. The skills you’ve gained from relocating and running the household are surprisingly perfect for what companies need in remote positions. Ensure you highlight them on your resume and in interviews.


The military lifestyle often means that you must limit your own priorities (or at least reorganize them) into a template that’s not one you’d choose.

> “My husband served in the U.S. Army National Guard and he received orders for a year-long training in Germany. In the following months, we prepared and planned. But then, a month before they were set to go, the orders were cancelled. Everything we’d put on hold, everything we’d started, everything we were planning for – we had to drop it.” *Ashley Conners, editor at RecruitMilitary and military spouse.*

**Why Adaptability Matters:** Military spouses know how to roll with the punches. As a remote employee, you may end up working with new software or in a different style than you have previously. Luckily, when it comes to adjusting priorities or changing methods, you’ve learned how to adapt.


There are plenty of obstacles to hurdle as a military spouse, and you’ve probably learned how to persevere, even when odds aren’t in your favor.

“I reached a certain phase in our military family life where I was determined to find a job that fit my lifestyle - not the other way around," said Kelly Wagner, public relations manager at RecruitMilitary and U.S Air National Guard military spouse. "I knew I needed a role that allowed me to work as a professional while still taking care of my family responsibilities during my husband’s deployment. Six years ago, the concept of remote work was not as widely accepted. A lot of people told me my ambitions were lofty, but I didn't listen.

> “I went out of my comfort zone. I explored different hiring resources that specialized in professionals seeking remote work, and I trusted the process. Perseverance was essential in finding a job that was the right fit as I didn't want to settle. Now I am part of an entire organization that not only works remotely but thrives remotely. Never let anyone determine the right fit for you. Only you can decide that.” *Kelly Wagner, public relations manager at RecruitMilitary and U.S Air National Guard military spouse.*

**Why Perseverance Matters:** In a remote role you may come up against challenges like internet outages, sick family members, or other issues that can slow down an important project. Employers want to know that they are hiring someone who understands how to work around obstacles that arise, and as a military spouse, you can count this in your skillset.


"Life in the military is ever-changing," said Madison Cales, U.S. Air Force spouse and RecruitMilitary marketing automation specialist. "Having a strong communication foundation with my husband makes it that much easier to adapt our family’s schedule to his last-minute work trips, deployments, or late evenings.

> "In 2020, my husband was expected to be home from deployment just days before Christmas. The day before he was supposed to leave, he was extended through the new year. Having strong communication made this adjustment easier to process and accept going into the holidays." *Madison Cales, U.S. Air Force spouse and RecruitMilitary marketing automation specialist.*

**Why Communication Matters:** In a remote role, communication must be intentional. While an in-person setting allows you to stop by someone’s desk to ask for more clarification or updates, the remote workforce is often asynchronous.

Without good communication, this can result in stalled conversations, derailed project plans, and busted timelines. Starting over on a new military base every few years means you’ve probably learned how to find the right people and ask the right questions and you’ve probably mastered the skill of the follow-up. These strong communication skills will shine in a remote role.

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###Benefits of Going Remote
As mentioned above, an unexpected benefit of the pandemic is that most employers understand how essential it is to offer the freedom to work from home.

That means you you have more options for a job that travels with you from state-to-state, but also internationally, or even overseas. Since you won’t have to leave a job just because you’re leaving the area, you have more opportunity to build a career path rather than work in a series of roles.

Don’t know where to search for that dream job? Start by looking for employers who already understand the value of hiring from the military community. (*Hint: you’re in the right place.*)

At RecruitMilitary, we partner with employers who not only understand the sacrifice that military service demands of servicemembers and their families, but it also respects the lifestyle needs of those individuals.

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###Empowered in Your Job Search
Gone are the days of just taking the first job that comes along. Now, with the help of [online resources and active job boards and job fairs](, targeting the right role for you is easier than ever.

Or maybe you’re looking to grow your career in a new direction. Whether you need educational or mentorship opportunities or you’re just looking to refine your resume, RecruitMilitary offers online resources to ensure you feel confident and prepared. We also offer training and special events through social media – just for military spouses like you.

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###Long-Term Support for Your Career
Already in a great career path? We love to hear it. As a working professional, you can still [count on support]( from RecruitMilitary. Let us help you sharpen your skills or expand your network.

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**Remember that RecruitMilitary is with you for the road ahead, at every step of your career journey.** We recognize that your needs will change as your work experience and duty stations change. Keep RecruitMilitary at the top of your list when you need resources, support, and opportunity.

**Your career is a journey, and we’re in it for the long haul with you.**