Beat the Application Tracking System (ATS)

Ever been told to apply online even when you're face-to-face with a recruiter? No, they're not trying to get rid of you - their company likely accepts all resumes through an applicant tracking system.

So, how do you maximize your impact in an ATS? **Keywords**. When a hiring manager looks through a pile of resumes, he or she scans each resume to find these keywords. An ATS does the same thing.

Similarly, when recruiters are searching databases and social networks, including LinkedIn, they type in the keywords they are seeking for a particular job.

###How do you identify a keyword?
Keywords are the terms insiders use to describe the important processes, metrics, and tasks associated with their profession. These are words found in your skills, abilities, credentials, and qualities that tell a hiring manager that you could be a fit for a job.

####Find Relevant keywords in these areas:

- **Job title**
- **Location**
- **Desired location**
- **Past job titles**
- **Skills**
- **Software**
- **Internet tools and apps**
- **Awards and recognition**
- **Professional and community organizations**
- **Certifications/Licenses**
- **Education**
- **Publications**
- **Presentations**

Using the right keywords on your resume will show the hiring manager that you are a good fit for the job. Avoid being vague. For example, naming a specific software application like Microsoft Office is better than saying “strong computer skills.”

###How to research keywords for your industry
Search industry trends for your profession. You can pick up a lot of relevant keywords simply by searching job descriptions that interest you. Make a note of the terminology used and replicate it on your resume (if applicable). These terms will often be in specific sections of the job listing, such as “qualifications” and “responsibilities.” This language may also appear on the company’s “About Us” web page.

###Get resume help
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