Army Veteran “Strongly Endorse(s)” Bradley-Morris

Just a note, as it is my pleasure and privilege to express my sincere appreciation for the entire Bradley-Morris, Inc. team as a whole, for their excellent work and dedication in, not only developing and building favorable relationships with transitioning service members, but with also building coalitions with top tier employer clients. I would be remiss if I did not shine a special spotlight on Greg Kern (Vice President, Sales), as he displayed great professionalism and masterfully connected me, an Army veteran who is wired for performance, with the perfect opportunity in corporate America. Greg’s communication and expertise in this transition process from day one exceeded my expectations and I want to thank him and the rest of the Bradley-Morris team for their earnest support. I strongly endorse Bradley-Morris and encourage all veterans of the Armed Forces to utilize the services of the high caliber professionals at Bradley-Morris.

Greatly appreciated,

Former Army Logistics Officer