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RecruitMilitary is working with national nonprofit ACP to ensure that veterans have a successful transition to civilian careers after serving our country.

Apply for an ACP Mentorship today and be sure to mention RecruitMilitary in your application to receive priority in ACP's pairing process. Mentorship spots are limited.

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Finding Strength in Adversity

Jake Hutchings, U.S. Army veteran and executive vice president, sales, at Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary realized recently that life in lockdown felt … familiar.

“I asked my wife, Alison, to cut my hair,” he said. “We don’t have clippers, just a beard trimmer, so of course the haircut turned out...

Military/Veteran Employment Resource Center, Job Seeker Blog

Finding Purpose After Military Service

Many veterans miss the military’s physical mission, which builds teams, camaraderie and support, as well as mental testing through physical exertion.

Military/Veteran Employment Resource Center, Job Search Process, Job Search, Job Seeker Blog

Let Your Head, Heart and Gut Guide Your Career Transition

Your transition is an opportunity to go from being an all-purpose utility player into a career of your choosing and crafting.

Military/Veteran Employment Resource Center, Job Search Process, Job Search, Job Seeker Blog