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There are tricks and best practices to use in any career search. These articles can provide a foundation of preparation, and after great preparation, execution that leads to your next career.

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Your Checklist to Finding a Civilian Job

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Translating Your Military Experience

Many veteran job seekers have trouble translating their military experiences into qualifications for civilian jobs. Below is a case in point and some recommendations.

Veteran's Challenge

"I separated from the Navy in September 2013 where I was an operations specialist for nine years. I am having...

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Building a profile that delivers

When you register as a job candidate on our website, you should use great care in filling out your registration profile—and then you should keep your profile current. The reason? Employers search our database of registered candidates for potential employees, and the first set of search results...

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Tackling Underemployment: Part 2

In the last blog post (“Are You Underemployed?”) we discussed the various ways one can be underemployed. No doubt it can be discouraging, but it’s not impossible to overcome. You must continue to work toward your career goals and don’t become paralyzed by your situation. If you remain in...

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Are You Underemployed?: Part 1

If you are underemployed, all is not lost. Your military training and background gives you a leg up when it comes to changing your situation.

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Your years in the military have given you specific skills, attention to detail and an unparalleled work ethic that make you a desirable commodity in the civilian workforce. Make sure your resume illustrates that.

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A resume is your first impression to an employer; this document can open the door to an interview or can completely disqualify you from an opportunity. This important refection of your professional background should depict and quantify a well-qualified candidate who can deliver results while...

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