Job Search Process

We have the information you need to nail your job search and win the job you want. We’ve compiled advice and tips from industry experts that can help you feel comfortable and confident through each step in the process, whether you’re face-to-face at a veteran job fair, or conversing online.


  • Researching and defining your ideal career
  • Translating your experience
  • Networking that works
  • Create a winning resume
  • Winning the interview

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How A Veteran Can Ace A Phone Interview

While the idea of having an interview in your pajamas might sound like a good idea, it’s probably not the best way to conduct a phone interview when searching for a job. While some people think that phone interviews are a piece of cake, that’s often not the case. Before we jump into the rest of...

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How to Translate your Military Skills to Civilian Language Effectively

Explaining your military experience to civilian recruiters isn’t always easy. Your MOS, your job title, your responsibilities… it might seem like you’re communicating what you did in the military with a few short military acronyms, but to civilians, it can sound like a foreign language. View our...

Job Search Process

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These Five Moves Could Be Killing Your Job Search: Part 2

Put the efficiency skills you learned in the military to work for you by effectively managing your job search.

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These Five Moves Could Be Killing Your Job Search: Part 1

Save yourself some time and heartache by avoiding these job search pitfalls.

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Hey Veterans, Employers are Looking for YOU

Let’s just say that the veteran skill set provides the answer to many organizations’ most pressing needs.

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