Post-Service Civilian Jobs for Military Officers

Searching for a new civilian career opportunity? Military officers have the skills to succeed in engineering, business-to-business sales, technical management, project management, consulting, operations, and more.

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Civilian Employers Need Your Leadership Skills

At RecruitMilitary, we specialize in placing transitioning Junior Military Officers (JMOs) into careers that leverage their leadership, educational background, perseverance, and management skills. Our comprehensive military transition jobs placement process, adopted from our merger with Bradley-Morris, includes:

  • Largest client base in the industry – more than 5,000 companies!
  • Individualized hiring strategies tailored to your needs
  • Tailored resume and interview preparation for matched positions
  • Interviews scheduled only with companies that have open positions that meet your specifications

We Have Successfully Placed Officers
and more into Post-Military Jobs Such as:

  • Operations management:

    Supervision of projects, business units, finance, personnel, scheduling, customer service, and shipping and receiving

  • Engineering:

    Applications, quality control, maintenance, product development, and project management

  • Production supervision:

    Personnel management and coordination of maintenance processes and production control

  • Logistics and distribution management:

    Oversight of transportation, warehousing, shipping, and inventory control

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Learn more about our military officer transition program by reaching out to our team at RecruitMilitary, or by exploring the placement services we offer.