Leadership Development Program

Many high-performing military professionals are recruited for civilian leadership development programs. The roles and responsibilities of a junior military officer are similar in scope to management positions in the civilian world. A leadership development program position prepares transitioning service members for advanced roles with more responsibility.

In most cases in the private sector, promotion and the opportunity to advance is based on individual performance as opposed to years of service. The ideal candidate will usually advance after 6-24 months of orientation and training.


Those enrolled in a leadership development program will experience a structured regimen of operations, functions and disciplines designed to increase their knowledge of and develop professional and managerial skills for a specific career path.

Skills You Will Bring to the Job/Typical Duties:

  • Work on cross-functional projects and service assignments with teams to identify areas for process improvement
  • Become familiar with all core operations such as accounting and finance, equipment, environmental health and safety, human resources and training, quality assurance, sales and marketing
  • Utilize previous experiences or expertise to contribute to business goals and meet rotational objectives
  • Act as the internal liaison for company-client relations – providing thorough customer service and strong problem-solving skills
  • Develop product knowledge and expertise, and learn how to manage employees, while shadowing upper management personnel