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Locking down top talent is no easy task, especially if you need people quickly or require multiple hires. Our Placement Services save time and money by delivering only qualified candidates, shortening the time to fill open positions. There’s no sifting through stacks of resumes and the process doesn’t drain your internal resources.

We Offer Volume Hiring Options

Relieve the burden of empty leadership, operations, or technical roles. We help you hire veterans by connecting your company with military candidates we already know with a low time-to-fill rate.

Our Placement Services work well for unique hiring challenges, large-volume vacancies, or hard-to-fill openings requiring special qualifications or in high-demand fields. View our client feedback to see why.

We specialize in placing veterans who are transitioning into new careers within key industries, such as engineering, sales, cyber security, operations, logistics, automotive, food and beverage, aerospace/defense, retail and more. Candidates come from both officer and enlisted ranks and possess the leadership and technical skills that are the most sought-after by our clients.

When balancing cost, speed, and quality, our Placement Services tighten your interview-to-hire ratio, delivering the best ROI.


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Placement Services

Connect with us and we will design a custom recruiting program to meet your hiring needs.

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Talent shortages make an impact beyond the bottom line, and a drawn-out recruiting process can cause ripple effects that cut across every level of an organization:

  • Lost productivity, experience, skills, and leadership
  • Employee frustration, increased workloads, and low morale
  • Lower customer satisfaction
  • Higher turnover

The good news? Recruiting and Placement costs are much lower than enduring a prolonged vacancy.

Read our Placement Services Whitepaper.

You pay only after the job is successfully filled with a suitable veteran candidate. You’re still in charge of the whole process – you hire only the candidates who meet your needs.

You’ll partner with a single recruiter who analyzes your specific hiring needs. That analysis becomes a customized order that’s filled with matches using a combination of technology and subject matter expertise to identify the right candidates. We handle all logistical concerns, from candidate negotiations, location and salary to interview scheduling. The final candidates are then referred to you to interview.

Our recruiters are subject matter experts, because most of them are veterans, too. They speak the language of the military and understand both the hard and soft skills that former servicemembers possess, along with deep knowledge of military occupational specialties (MOS) and which military careers best align with civilian roles, removing the guesswork and resume interpretation.

“I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, people skills and qualifications of every single candidate that I had the opportunity to interview.” - Technical Manager, Oil and Gas Industry

“Working with RecruitMilitary was a top-notch experience. They provided me with a dream job opportunity that is allowing me to expand my career. They supported me and made sure I was informed and prepared to land the job. I got a maximum salary offer, relocation, and built solid rapport with the hiring company.”Navy veteran