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As the largest military-focused recruiting company in America, we love our mission of connecting veteran applicants with great job opportunities. Companies unsure where to post jobs for maximum traction need look no further: RecruitMilitary offers the best job posting site for employers.

Find Qualified Veteran Job Seekers

When you post jobs on the largest board in the military-to-civilian recruitment niche, you’ll reach an audience of more than one million searchable military veterans and spouses. Our candidates offer valuable personal traits such as leadership, initiative, and self-discipline.

Purchasing options range from a single, 30-day job posting to an annual unlimited package, which includes automated processing, and allows you to post unlimited jobs for one year at no additional cost. Every posting can be edited as often as you like while the posting is live.

Our veteran candidates view thousands of jobs per day. Make sure yours are among them.


Options Price

1 Job Posting


2 Job Postings


3 Job Postings


Annual Unlimited

This option includes automated processing, and allows you to post unlimited jobs for one year. As jobs expire, or are filled, you can add new ones at no additional cost.


How accurately you define the job can make a big difference in the number and types of candidates who will apply for it. Make sure your title reflects the job description. If you’re looking to fill a spot in a certain location, include it to avoid confusion. Example: “Logistics Coordinator in Pittsburgh, PA.”

Provide a clear, concise description of job duties (bullet points work best). Distinguish between “must haves” and “would like to haves.”

Get Specific

  • Does your position require working outdoors in all kinds of weather? Let applicants know this.
  • Use one city/state or zip code for each job posting so candidates searching for jobs in a specific location will find you.
  • Include a salary range. You do not have to include a specific salary, but keep in mind that positions in the military are based on pay grades.
  • Make the most of keywords and tag relevant work categories to boost matches.
  • Include your organization’s name on the job posting. After all, would you consider hiring a candidate without a name?


Once your job is posted, make sure to read through the listing. Are there any spelling or grammatical errors? Ask yourself, “If I were a candidate, would I clearly understand the job requirements and next steps to apply?”

Tell Your Story

A job posting is a unique employee advertisement that provides an opportunity to sell candidates on why your position and company are awesome. Do you offer unique perks? Do you have a veterans’ group? Communicate why your organization is a great place to work!

We are fully optimized to connect with veterans searching for jobs on mobile devices. Your job postings will be seen by both registered veteran candidates and unregistered users since our job search does not require registration, meaning more job views for your opportunities.

There are several options for getting your jobs posted:

  • Manual Job Posting: This is the standard methodology for job posting credit options using our web user interface. Clicking on all relevant “categories” relating to the job posting will increase candidate views and applications.
  • Standard XML API: Implement programming to post jobs via our API.
  • Custom XML Feed: Choose this option if you need us to support a feed format other than our standard XML, such as JSON or RSS. You provide web endpoint and we crawl nightly or you can push to us via FTP.

*Though the above are the primary ways we receive job feeds from clients, if you have alternative methods you use with another outlet, please provide us with as much detail as possible. We will evaluate whether we can make that work in our environment.

You can track job posting and database activity daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Our setup allows us to provide reports to you, or you may pull them directly.

Studies have shown that the origination point for more than 70% of job seekers begins with a Google search. Our site map is compatible with both Google and Bing, and we’ve implemented Google’s Cloud Jobs API. The result? All the jobs on our site follow Google’s API data structure and are listed in Google’s index. By being an early adopter of the Google Jobs API, RecruitMilitary has seen an increase in organic military job seeker registration.

Added Aggregation + Added Exposure = Added Value

RecruitMilitary also utilizes enhancements to extend your reach to the veteran community across multiple veteran platforms, which means that our clients don’t have to concern themselves with candidate aggregation. We’ve researched and tested who the best partners are, and that’s included in your product purchase.

Once you’ve posted a job, how do you know if anyone will see it? When you post jobs with RecruitMilitary, you’ll get more bang for your buck, and greater exposure to the veteran community. We distribute our manually posted jobs on Jobs2Careers and Startwire. Other job posting sites charge separately for this additional exposure, but this benefit is free with RecruitMilitary. These jobs include “military veteran” language in the job title to target veterans searching these sites.

RecruitMilitary can also collect and report OFCCP data related to your job postings. Your account can be enabled with OFCCP data collection, and an OFCCP Applicants report can be generated by RecruitMilitary upon request. The reports we generate include all relevant OFFCCP compliance and job posting data in the event of an audit:

  • Link to vacancy announcement/posting
  • Date posted
  • Date expired
  • Log of all user actions, views/opened/applied/clicks