Military Veteran Recruitment Events

RecruitMilitary’s renowned veteran career fairs draw military talent from every branch of service, allowing exhibitors to efficiently source many veterans for one price under one roof. Our recruitment events take place at unique, attractive venues: stadiums, museums, racetracks, entertainment complexes, and more. RecruitMilitary events and services are free of charge to veterans and military spouses.

Our Events Deliver

We host unique hiring events nationwide, including on military bases, that place employers and military job seekers in engaging settings to promote networking, conversations, and on-site interviews.

Many organizations go directly from meeting candidates to conducting on-site interviews, frequently making job offers on the spot. Multiple hires at a single event occur frequently, reducing a company’s overall cost-per-hire. Check out our In-Person Career Fair Insights to see why we have so many repeat exhibitors!

In serving their country, veterans have trained to become your organization’s greatest assets, bringing maturity, leadership, teamwork and technical training.

Partner with the nation’s leading military-to-civilian hiring firm to help you connect with this skilled talent pool.


See our Client Success Center for strategies to maximize our events and learn what to expect.


Options Price

Exhibitor Package

  • Exhibition booth
  • 2 Representatives
  • Listing in exhibitors list
  • Unlimited manual job postings on RecruitMilitary job board for up to 30 Days


Targeted Package

  • Exhibition booth ($1,495 value)
  • 2 Representatives
  • Listing in exhibitors list
  • Unlimited manual job postings on RecruitMilitary job board for up to 30 Days
  • Pre-event Targeted Email ($1,295 value)


Why just show up when you can OWN the hiring event? As a career fair sponsor, your company’s name and brand will become the main attraction and synonymous with veteran hiring in the local community.

Sponsorship packages also include a Pre-Event Seminar sponsorship. Learn more!

Is there a formula for success at RecruitMilitary veteran career fairs? Yes! Preparation beforehand and solid strategies at the event will lead to interested veteran candidates and career fair success.

Send the Right Representatives

As the face of your organization, your reps should be personable, outgoing, knowledgeable, and passionate about your company and its opportunities. They should actively work your table and engage job seekers as well as other exhibitors, rather than waiting to be approached. Be prepared to interview candidates on-the-spot.

This is also the perfect environment for a representative from a military background. If you don’t have one, at least send someone who is curious about the military experience and can ask questions that draw candidates out and compel them to tell their stories.

Maximize Your Brand

Tell the veteran community who you are by wearing company gear and displaying banners, backdrops, and panels. Identify veteran representatives with name tags or table signs.

Identify Your Opportunities

Having a list of open positions for which you are recruiting is ideal. Be ready to talk about general roles for which you typically hire. Handouts of open jobs are great takeaways and should include reference numbers in your ATS.

Announce Your Presence

Draw more job seekers to your booth by getting the word out that you want to hire veterans and will be at a RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fair. Tap into your company’s marketing resources and leverage its social networking tools to announce your participation in the event. Spotlight hot jobs in your company on social media during the week of the event and let candidates know you’ll be looking to hire veterans for these roles.

Get Social

One of the best ways to make your presence known as a RecruitMilitary hiring event exhibitor is to help set the stage on social media. Post event information on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook with links to specific job openings. Share RecruitMilitary social media postings about the upcoming event.

Live Tweets: We tweet photos and updates of veterans and organizations making connections in real time during our job fairs (@RecruitMilitary). We love adding tweets from our exhibitors to bring additional exposure their way, such as: Very busy booth today – meeting great veteran talent in Cincinnati #RMHire.


Don’t leave the career fair early! We discourage our veterans from leaving an event early, often leading them to take another lap around the venue. We’ve had clients make hires at the very end of the day. You may miss your ideal candidate!

Advance preparation and audience engagement can reap big dividends at a RecruitMilitary hiring event. Going into the event with a solid game plan will help you have a satisfying career fair experience that leads to hiring veterans.

Many of the companies who hire veterans at our job fairs come back for more, bringing those hires along to recruit others. Social media grabbed the attention of one Navy veteran and prompted him to attend a RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fair.

“I saw a RecruitMilitary Career Fair coming to Tulsa on my Facebook feed. I signed up, sent my suit to the cleaners, tailored my resume and looked up who would be there,” he said. “I talked to everyone at the event, came away with two interviews and two offers, and I took one of them.”

Now he works as a maintenance supervisor/facilities maintenance manager for a large equipment company. One year later, he returned to the same RecruitMilitary hiring event to assist the recruiting team in hiring more veterans.