Military Spouses

Tips for Hiring Military Spouses: What Employers Should Know

It’s a common scenario – you’re sorting through job applicants to narrow down to the best candidates for an open role. In front of you is a resume reflecting a highly educated individual with a wide range of applicable skills, but there are some serious gaps in their employment timeline. Is this...

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Don’t Know How to Hire Transitioning Veterans & Military Spouses? Try Our Military Base Career Fairs.

At a RecruitMilitary military-base career fair, organizations can brand themselves as veteran-friendly while meeting active-duty candidates and military spouses on their home turf.

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Why Smart Employers Hire (and Retain) Military Spouses

USAA Talent Programs Advisor Strategist, Chryssy Johnson, discusses how military spouses are an incredible candidate group to hire and retain into your workforce.

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Military Spouses: A Gold Mine of Untapped Talent

While hiring military veterans has been part of the national conversation for a while now, another skilled and highly-educated group remains underrepresented in the job force - military spouses.

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