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Using Placement Services to Find Your "Must-Have" Employees

When crunching budget numbers, hiring often reverts to “must-have” only, and those “must-have” hires tend to circle around specific role types or core skills. RecruitMilitary Placement Services streamlines the process, aligning your roles to the military skillsets within key industries.

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What Skills Do Mechanical and Technical Military Positions Provide?

More than simply vocational or skills-based training, the armed forces develop their personnel to become problem solvers adept at completing highly technical work.

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Choosing Military Images Responsibly to Connect with the Veteran Audience

We’ve compiled best practices, specifically focused on depicting U.S. military uniforms, to provide you with the best opportunity to ensure your advertising is well-received by the military/veteran audience.

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How Skills-Based Hiring Results in Workplace Diversity

Skills-based hiring is the practice of hiring people based on the skills required to perform the open role, rather than education or prestige.

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