Where do top performing military job seekers come from?

It was so exciting to attend my daughter’s first High School academic achievement function. As a current Freshman, she received her academic letter signifying honor roll achievement. I noticed as the Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors were acknowledged, the group shrank significantly – indicating how difficult it is to sustain this type of performance. My daughter has her work cut out for her!

I also noted when the appointments to West Point and the Air Force Academy were recognized. There were three, and these Seniors received several additional top academic honors. They were some of the few that were able to sustain their scholastic record – academic high school “Rock Stars” going to the U.S. Service Academies. When employers ask me, “Where do top performing military job seekers come from?“, it’s at high schools like this one. I’m not sure I had connected the dots quite like this before.

We describe military-experienced talent as the Best and Brightest, Blue Chip and Top-Performing. The truth is that these selectees are in the top 5%, academics and athletics, of our communities’ high schools. Employers who are committed to the business benefits of hiring top performing military job seekers are reaching this caliber of talent regularly.

Bobby Whitehouse


Image courtesy jedistar.com