We’re Excited to Join Bradley-Morris, Inc.

You may have seen the recent announcement that Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI), the largest military-focused recruiting firm in the U.S., acquired RecruitMilitary. We’re very excited, as this is the first meaningful business consolidation in the veteran hiring services industry and evidence of continued growth in the demand for high-quality veteran talent.

You may be wondering what it means for you as a client. It’s all good news.

The merger of the two companies will enhance our ability to deliver robust veteran-hiring solutions for your organization. As a client, you can take advantage of a full suite of veteran hiring solutions from the two leaders in the industry, including:

- World-class contingency recruiting
- The same great military job fairs – now with an option for on-base job fairs
- A variety of employer branding solutions
- A more robust database with more than 1,000,000 job seeking veterans
- The same great military-based publication, Search & Employ®
- And more ....

We are committed to delivering the same high-quality service that you’ve come to expect and look forward to continuing a positive business relationship with our clients for many years to come.