We’re Customers of Our Own Job Board for How to Hire Veterans

Finding the best way to hire veterans is something Mike Arsenault has turned into a science over the years. Arsenault is the Senior Vice President of Organizational Development at Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary and has placed more than 2,100 veterans in roles with the company’s clients since joining the team in 1999. When it came time to fill internal sales roles within the organization, he turned to one of the company’s own products:the RecruitMilitary database.

Arsenault, a former U.S. Army field artillery captain, has made approximately seven internal hires using the database since 2017. “It has definitely provided flow and I consider it a significant source that we use to find talent,” he said.

###Favorite Feature###

What does he like best about the database? “Honestly, it’s just a very simple tool to use,” he said. “It’s effective and I’ve been able to see results. I’ve been able to quickly identify the types of folks I’m looking for using the advanced search filter. It’s very versatile depending on how deep or how shallow I want to go.”

After employing the advanced search feature, Arsenault relies on a saved email template to communicate with veteran candidates who may be a fit. “Once I identify a candidate, I send them a little teaser along the lines of: ‘Hey, we’re hiring. If you’re interested let me know and email me back if you want to know more.’ If they respond, I send a lengthier email, and then we’re off and running,” he said.

###No Poaching###

To ensure that he’s not cherry-picking talent, he first ensures that candidates aren’t being courted through Bradley-Morris's recruiting services arm or are engaged in employment discussions with other clients.

###The Google Effect###

Although Arsenault uses the job board to proactively search for candidates, he has noticed an uptick in applications to the company’s posted jobs since the database implemented [Google’s veteran job search tool](https://www.blog.google/outreach-initiatives/grow-with-google/veteran-job-search/?_ga=2.55263522.888791651.1561573601-1029126628.1550260890) which uses machine learning and search capabilities.

###Best Practices###

Arsenault’s dream candidates for sales roles are mid-grade enlisted NCO’s who are recruiters or are in a recruiting billet, or job seekers with direct B2B inside sales experience in the private sector. Whether they are searching for enlisted versus officer candidates, he encourages employers to use the job board’s message system to quickly connect with candidates who merit further discussion.

Given that the unemployment rate for veterans is lower than the national average, Arsenault advises recruiters to engage right away if they find a potential match. “If you discover someone you’d like to talk to, don’t wait,” urged Arsenault. “Be proactive. I’ve found that in this market and economy, you need to be decisive, move fast and have a plan. The more efficiently you move through the steps gives you a much better chance of getting your person.”

That approach worked when hiring Josh Nichols, who joined the team in 2017. “He had the kind of background that we really like. He’d been an Army recruiter who specialized in the healthcare arena,” said Arsenault. The company hired Nichols as an account executive, and his sales have increased year over year since joining the team.

“As a transitioning service member, getting to work with fellow vets made my transition so much easier because I didn’t have to learn a different way of communicating,” said Nichols. “I love the company, and it’s been amazing, especially in terms of getting to work remotely. The company’s values are those of the Army. I’ve had nothing but great experiences, and Mike is one of the people who made me feel the most welcome.”

Whether you are seeking candidates with security clearances and specific skill sets, or need to grow diversity in your workplace, access to [RecruitMilitary’s vast veteran recruitment database](http://https://recruitmilitary.com/employers/solutions/candidate-database-search) is your answer.