Veteran Skills Not Served By Resumes

The Center for a New American Security recently conducted a survey of more than 60 companies regarding why they do, or do not, hire veterans. Assessing veteran skills was listed as a primary roadblock.

I understand. A typical military resume can’t adequately sell a military job seeker to a civilian employer. It’s not until the interview that the “wow factor” comes in.

An advantage of our military hiring events is that we take the resume out of the initial equation. This requires a small “leap of faith” from the employer – even though they are interviewing for free (their only obligation is if they hire), the client has to trust that BMI’s more than 20 years of matching military skill sets with civilian job opportunities will make it worth their time.

These new clients on more than one occasion have admitted to me (after the ConferenceHire® hiring event) that upon initial inspection of their candidate resumes, they were concerned with the candidate’s ability to perform the position they had in mind. But after the impressive nature of the first couple of candidate interviews, they quickly realized why we asked for their “leap of faith”!

Part of the communication gap for hiring military is due to a resume-focused system that underserves veteran skills. Our face-to-face “inspection” is the one of the best ways to make a military to industry connection.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy expertinfantry