Summer Hiring – Don’t drop the ball

Fireworks, sailing and time at the beach are my favorite summer activities. Getting out and enjoying life is why we do this thing called work. One of the challenges of summer is scheduling interviews around team member vacations. This is where many companies hurt their employer brand by dropping the ball on the hiring process, leaving potential hires wondering if your company is still interested. So how do we enjoy the summer season and get’r done?

1. Over Plan: Summer comes every year after spring. Have your team get their plans on the calendar early. You will be able to see the holes and know when to schedule interviews around the vacations.

2. Over Communicate: Your candidates also know it’s summer and expect some delays. When communicated upfront, these process delays are understandable to most candidates. Be sure to know the candidates’ schedules and the competitive landscape.

3. Be Flexible: Summer may require some after hours interviews. While being considerate of down time is important, so is being competitive for a high potential candidate with a competing offer in hand. Winning the candidate may require some extra creativity in the summer.

4. Use the Buddy System: This is tough for control freaks in recruiting, but you must find someone who can keep the hiring momentum going for you while you’re enjoying the spoils of summer. Pick well.

Work-life balance is difficult to achieve. I hope these points help you keep your hiring efficiency up over the summer season while pursuing the balance.

Let me know what you recommend for additional summer hiring tips!

Bobby Whitehouse

Photo courtesy of Joe Shlabotnik