RecruitMilitary Successfully Launches First Virtual Career Fair

RecruitMilitary’s latest product offering – six virtual career fairs in 2017 –successfully launched on April 25th and delivered quantifiable success for organizations seeking to add veteran talent to their pipelines. More than 8,400 messages were exchanged between candidates and employers, with a resounding 17:1 candidate-to-client ratio that provided employers a strong talent pool to draw from and job seekers direct access that was manageable for recruiters to give them time and attention.

“We see the virtual career fairs helping a company stay active in their region between our physical career fairs, as well as helping them connect with veterans in cities our physical career fairs don’t reach,” said Mike Francomb, Senior Vice President – Technology.

Chat rooms offer an interactive platform which allow companies to maximize many benefits. Customized greetings, company logos, images, links to career pages and social media, videos, job listings, and contact information can be placed strategically on the landing page. Private chat options are available, while a group chat lets companies share general information that can still be viewed by candidates who enter the room later. Frequently asked questions can be stored for reference.

Video and audio tools allow broadcasting by up to three people at once, as well as one-to-one video chats. Companies can even conduct PowerPoint presentations within their chat room.

“Not only do organizations connect with veterans on the day of the event, but they also receive access to all pre-registered candidates. For example, clients that participated in our first event can reach out to the 1,391 candidates who registered. For data driven companies, the cost per candidate is incredibly compelling through this format,” said Francomb.

The goal of the new product is to create meaningful exchanges between veterans and employers. Some of the participating companies offered these accolades after the event:

*• “We’ve had a lot of really good conversations. I think this is definitely something we will do again.” (Education Recruiter)*

*• “The venue was really easy to work with, and the volume of candidates was great.” (Financial Services Recruiter)*

*• “It has been great! Much better platform than some of the others we have used. Love the constant alerts, too.” (Telecommunication Retail Services Recruiter)*

*• “I see a benefit, because they really don’t have to leave their home, and it aligns nicely with technology.” (Telecommunications Recruiter)*

*• “Thanks for having us today. This is the first time we have used this particular platform, but have already had some great candidates come through.” (Energy Services Recruiter)*

*• “It has been a great event! The amount of individuals that have been reaching out has been fantastic. Everything so far has been very easy to use.” (Transportation Recruiter)*

*• “Very interesting. Seems like a nice addition to the in-person events.” (Education Recruiter)*

RecruitMilitary will host five additional region-based virtual events in 2017. They are open to veterans and military spouses. Learn more at The next event covers the west region on May 31, 2017. Special early-bird pricing is available through May 5th for organizations wanting to connect with job seeking veterans.