RecruitMilitary Exhibitor Badge Reveals: This Company “Gets It!”

Lots of companies tout themselves as “veteran friendly,” but what does that really mean? Is hiring veterans a formal part of their recruitment plan and core values, or do they simply support the troops?

Now it’s possible to discern which organizations are serious about hiring veterans with RecruitMilitary Exhibitor Badges. The emblems are designed to allow companies to proudly display that they are proactive in hiring America’s top talent: its veterans. The badge can be displayed with email signatures, on company web sites, and in other marketing efforts.

The RecruitMilitary Exhibitor Badge is available to any RecruitMilitary client that participates in one or more of the company’s 127 veteran career fairs during 2017.
These include 100 highly-regarded and successful city-based events as well as 27 military base events. Disabled American Veterans (DAV) sponsors all 127 events.

The Exhibitor Badge gives organizations a competitive edge in meeting with active duty military professionals, spouses and veterans seeking to transition into civilian employment by illustrating their level of commitment in hiring our country’s finest.

RecruitMilitary services are free to men and women of all ranks and all branches of the service who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, veterans who already have civilian work experience, members of the National Guard and reserves, and military spouses and other family members.

The idea is the brain child of Robert Arndt, Vice President, Sales & Government Compliance and a U.S. Marine. It evolved from requests from RecruitMilitary’s strategic partners across the country that wanted to showcase their successes in the veteran space.

“Simply put, smart organizations that have recognized a formula for success in proactively tapping into the military and military spouse talent pool want to share that wealth with other intelligent companies. This is not a token badge that a company displays to show that they threw money at a chance to be on some list,” he said.

“Our Exhibitor Badge proudly announces, ‘This company gets it!’ and values what military candidates truly offer. No matter whether they join us at a single event or all 127 that we are holding in 2017, the impact that these companies and veterans can have on each other is astounding,” he added.

"DAV RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fairs maintain a solid track record of helping veterans and their families find meaningful employment," said President Peter Gudmundsson. "Just last year, 52% of veteran job seekers expected to secure an interview following one of our events. Employers were expected to extend as many as 40,300 interviews and more than 12,560 job offers."

An average of 330 veterans and military spouses attend each of our events, and we average 125+ job offers per event. With coverage from an average of three media outlets per event, 91% of our exhibitors plan to attend more than one RecruitMilitary Veteran Career Fair.