Military Success Traits – Action

When transitioning from the military, Mike Minogue landed his first job at General Electric by writing a letter to Jack Welch. That’s how a distinguished and decorated Airborne Ranger gets it done. Now, as Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of Abiomed, getting it done includes growing revenue five times and creating over one hundred jobs, i.e., winning in business.

In the military, Mike was selected to attend West Point and excelled earning awards in the most demanding programs. Those who excel in the service share military success traits. The ability to take action and execute your plan is at the top of this list.

The most frequent feedback I receive from employers regarding the military success traits of their new JMO (Junior Military Officers) project managers, operations leaders or sales executives is that they take action. Planning is arguably the easier part but execution is where you earn your pay. Military leaders know the importance of action related to achievement and most achieve well above the average. If action-orientation is one of your teams’ success traits then consider hiring a JMO.

What are your teams’ top character traits and do you look for these characteristics when hiring?

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy of the U.S. Army