Military for Maintenance Programs

I recently had a great performance feedback call with a new client. We delivered military-experienced technical leadership for the employer, and the resulting team is building a world-class preventative maintenance program at the company. When discussing military for maintenance programs, some of the benefits included:

Turnkey program: While these candidates came from various units and branches of services, they were on the same page regarding preventative maintenance systems. This provided the client an instant preventative maintenance team with shared vision.

Buy-in from non-military team members: Good leaders understand the importance of buy-in when executing a plan. Partnering with Bradley-Morris, Inc. guarantees hiring quality candidates. This team is altering the status quo while showing the value of the program and how it makes the team’s work life better.

Forging new territory: This one is contrary to a common stereotype, i.e., military-experienced team members over-rely on procedures. This team is making their plan where there was none and executing it everyday.

The preventative maintenance leaders are achieving positive results that directly impact the bottom line. They are changing the game for the better, applying their energy, intelligence and “can do” attitude from the military to industry.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy Adam Greig