Job Posting Applications Surge with Google Cloud’s New Work from Home Search Feature

Businesses can now drive more relevant job search results to military veterans and their spouses using Google Cloud’s new remote search technology powered by AI. How? Potential “work from home” roles are more viewable than ever through this technology.

Google Cloud announced its work from home/remote search capability feature on April 25, 2019 in a post featuring RecruitMilitary. “Companies posting jobs on our board will see more veterans apply for them because they yield better, more relevant results,” said Mike Francomb, Senior Vice President of Technology for Bradley-Morris/RecruitMilitary. “We’ve already seen a 90% increase in the number of jobs being applied to by veterans and their spouses.”

###Accessing a Wider Talent Pool###

“We continue to hear from employers that finding and engaging a larger talent pool is a top priority, which means meeting job seekers where they are,” said Google Cloud in its announcement. “In today’s era of agility, speed and innovation, companies must be able to adapt across every part of their business to keep up with competition, starting with their workforce.”

The announcement noted how today’s job seekers have different lifestyle and geographic needs that require flexibility. The improved job experience makes remote work opportunities in the U.S. more discoverable on career sites. Users who search for jobs with terms like “work from home” or “WFH” will now see relevant jobs that may be labeled differently as “remote” or “telecommute.”

In developing the technology, Google Cloud found that most remote jobs were not clearly labeled. “Our customers have told us it is difficult to accurately detect and return remote opportunities when users enter ‘work from home’ or related queries into their search box,” said Google Cloud. “By offering this capability to our customers, we hope to make remote work opportunities more discoverable to job seekers who need them.”

###Maximizing Employer-Veteran Connections###

RecruitMilitary aims to drive connections between employers and veteran job seekers and collaborating with Google Cloud is helping to maximize those matches. This revolutionary AI-powered solution helps businesses yield a smarter return on their investment when they post jobs. By delivering a better search experience for remote opportunities, the 1.4 million-plus veteran job seekers and military spouses on [RecruitMilitary's job board]( can unearth more flexible jobs to suit their specific needs.

“Google Cloud’s Talent Solution can now comb our jobs and return ones that either are expressly noted or very likely can be remote worker positions,” said Francomb. A search using “work from home” keywords immediately yielded more than 11,300 opportunities on [RecruitMilitary’s job board](

###Game Changer for Military Spouses###

The technology could be a game changer for the most overlooked segment of the veteran community: military spouses, who face labor market constraints such as geographic limitations, frequent moves, license and certification red tape, and child care costs. “This will especially assist military spouses in their careers by finding portable roles they can take with them as they move with their service member spouse during their military career,” said Francomb.

This announcement follows Google’s Cloud Talent Solution [announcement in March 2019]( that lets job seekers filter positions by commute time and mode of transit. “We’re thankful for and excited about the positive results we’re seeing by working with a technology leader like Google, and we see this as just the beginning,” said Francomb.