How to Write An Employee Advertisement to Bring in the Best People

When creating a job advertisement for hiring and recruitment purposes, it is tempting to give a brief header followed by a long list of qualifications and requirements (such as experience); however, the goal of job ads is to attract great candidates during the [hiring and recruitment process](

If the job posting is simply a list of requirements and experience, this is only going to eliminate people looking for a job instead of attracting them. Therefore, it is critical for employers to put together job ads that are going to attract qualified and enthusiastic applicants such as veterans. This will get jobs posted on various boards and online locations (including social media) where it can be noticed by qualified applicants.

###Think About the Job Title###
Without a doubt, the most important part of any job advertisement is the job title. This goes at the top of the page and is usually going to be listed in giant letters that people will not only notice but remember, particularly if they are scrolling through social media. When crafting a job title for online use, it is important to name it in a way that is actually reflective of what the position entails. Then, beneath the title, list a few points that will make the job attractive to potential employees.

###Create an Introduction with Emotion for Advertising Purposes###
Beneath the job and title and introductory points will be an online introduction. This is a short paragraph that is going to mention a few details that candidates are going to find exciting about the job. This is very similar to the leads that newspapers used to mention in the classified section. Think about this section as an introduction to an article from a newspaper.

The goal is to get people hooked and encourage them to read the full article. Be sure to use powerful, descriptive language that will convince people the job is interesting. This will get candidates to keep reading job ads.

###Tell a Story about the Company###
In addition to the job, people are also interested in who they are going to be working for as they read through job ads. Think about this as advertising during hiring. There are a few important points that job applicants are going to want to know about a potential employer.

For example, mention how long the company has been in business. If the business has been open for several years, this is the mark of a successful company. Applicants are more likely to stick with an employer that will provide them with solid job security.

It might also be a good idea to share information on how long the employee stays and builds a career (if employees tend to stick around). This is a reflection of how much people like working for the company. Some of the other key pieces of information that might be important to mention interesting clients, fun projects, and cool equipment candidates might work with. This will make the job seem more attractive to potential applicants.

###Use the Requirements Section to Sell the Job###
It can be tempting to include a laundry list of requirements such as degrees, certifications, and exams that need to be passed. This is not an attractive way to go about hiring or advertising. Some companies think this will limit the number of applications they receive to only the best of the best; however, military veterans may not have the traditional experience companies like to put in the requirement section of a job posting but very well could have transferable skills. Therefore, this list should only include the most essential requirements. Try to limit this to two or three when writing job ads.

Then, below the requirements section, include information that applicants are really going to care about. This might include information on work hours, compensation, vacation days, sick leave, insurance benefits, and opportunities to further their education. Include these attractive points beneath the list of qualifications. This will help sell the job and the business as a whole.

###Draw Attention to the Location###
Geography is a major factor when someone is trying to figure out where they want to start or continue a career. While the geography of the company is not the fault (or success) of the company, it is going to matter. Veterans who are transitioning have many options to choose from and often receive relocation assistance to make the move easier.

But for those that are already a part of the civilian workforce, moving can be a major obstacle, particularly to those who are applying to the business from outside the region. In either case, it is important to sell applicants on the location. Convince them it is worth it to move to this area. Share key details about how awesome the schools are, fun social activities to do in the local area, and how low the crime rates are. Mention that the commute is easy from some of the key living areas in the region. This is how to really sell an employee advertisement, particularly if it ends up on social media.

###Restate Why Someone Should Apply###
At this point, the job advertisement has likely reached several paragraphs. Some people might forget what they have read up until this point. Therefore, beneath the location, give a quick, bulleted recap of why someone should apply. This should be a handful of bullet points. This is going to keep the major benefits at the front of someone’s mind as they hover over the “apply” button, trying to decide if they are truly interested. These should be short, quick, and to the point.

###Make the Application Process Clear###
When writing job ads, take the time to spell out the application process step by step. This should include all of the information starting from when they hit that apply button to when they walk in the door for the first day. Candidates are often afraid or unsure of what happens after they hit the button during a job search. This is even more important for jobs that only require one interview. If there is only a single interview, make sure to highlight this point. Everyone is going to be more excited about a job that takes them days to land instead of weeks or months. If there are multiple interviews, additional required documents, or a detailed training process, be sure to mention this.

Furthermore, make sure to include any information about potential resources that might help someone during the job search. A job search gets expensive if the applicant has to pay for flights or hotels. People are often unwilling to spend the money to apply for a job they don’t know if they’ll get. Therefore, if the company has the resources to pay for someone to fly in from outside of the local area during the job search (and will put them up in a hotel with meals included), be sure to include this as well. This is a great way to increase the number of qualified job applicants.

###Allow Other People To Read the Post###
After this, take the time to ask for feedback. This job advertisement should be seen as a writing exercise. This means it is important to ask other people to read the draft of the post. Ask for their honest feedback.

When someone is reviewing a job posting for proofreading, they often see what they want to see instead of what is actually there. It is easy to miss typos, spelling errors, punctuation mistakes, and grammar issues. If someone else reads the post, he or she will be more likely to catch these issues.
Other people can also share other important information about the job that people might have forgotten. This is a great way to make sure that all of the important points regarding the job are included in the advertisement.

###Improve the Email Response Rate###
Take a look at all of the emails that are sent to applicants regarding the next steps in the application process. These emails need to be dissected to make sure they present the company in the best light possible. Remember that people do not get a second chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, make sure the emails present the company in a positive and professional manner.

The emails need to be clear, personal, social, and sell the company to the candidate at every step of the way. If someone does not receive a positive response to an initial application, that individual might be turned off to the job. It took a lot of hard work to put forth a solid job advertisement and get the individual to apply. Do not waste this hard work.

###Have a Detailed Job Description Ready###
A job advertisement is not the same as a job description. Sometimes, applicants are going to ask for a more detailed job description of what the position entails. Make sure to have this job description ready. Many of the points in a job description are not included in the posting because they are a bit dry. This is probably the job description the company uses internally.

Make sure to have job descriptions standing by in case an applicant asks for them. These job descriptions will also make a difference in how an applicant sees a company. People want to work for an employer that is organized. This job description is going to be a reflection of the company’s organizational skills. Make sure to have job descriptions ready to go if someone requests them.

###Write an Outstanding Job Advertisement###
These are a few of the most important points people need to remember when they are crafting a job advertisement. Thinking about these points will help employers attract qualified applicants for key positions. Remember that this advertisement should sell the position, the company, the social life, and the location, convincing people to apply.