How to understand military transition

For service-members, leaving the military is an exciting time but also an anxious experience. For hiring managers, understanding the dynamics of a military transition is critical for success in hiring military. The fundamentals my top clients understand:

  • They know that timing is critical. The candidate is on a time line. Their “out date” will arrive and they will have a plan. It takes a decisive company to be part of that plan.
  • They understand and leverage their strengths. If your company has a great brand name, sell it. If you are in a desirable location, talk about it. Leveraging your business strengths will help the candidate decide before the timer goes off.
  • They get into the details. Service-members have not had to make complicated decisions regarding benefits or may not be as familiar with attributes such as performance incentives, training opportunities and other business intangibles. Make sure the candidate understands all of the details of your offer.
  • They are willing to wait for the right candidate. Their perfect fit may not be out for another 90 days but they will go ahead with an offer. Often they send study material to help them acclimate and prepare for their new role.

The military teaches planning and execution. Most service-members apply this to their military transition. Military hiring events help as they give candidates options and contrast. This allows military job seekers to make their short list and explore options before committing to their transition plan.

Successful hiring managers of military work within this plan.

Those who struggle don’t understand it, or attempt to work against or around it.

Bobby Whitehouse