How to improve offer letter efficiency

The title of the third item on Bradley-Morris, Inc.’s Client Best Practices list is “Speed Kills (The Competition)”.

However, being quick to close the deal can lose momentum if your process does not allow for getting the written offer letter out promptly. Some candidates are fine with a verbal offer, but more and more are waiting to see it in writing before closing. The economic challenges of the recent past have exacerbated this trend. Don’t be the company who loses a top candidate because the competition delivered while the candidate was waiting on your offer letter.

Recruiting military candidates can speed up your offer letter process. Most military candidates possess a government security clearance. You should feel comfortable extending an offer “pending background check / drug screen / pre-employment physical”. In the long run, this is also more cost-effective – you will have great talent off the market and talent who is likely to pass your screens – and no money will have been wasted recruiting, screening and waiting on “maybe” candidates.

Hiring talent “on the leading edge” is a much different game than typical recruiting. Don’t forget rule #3, “Speed Kills”. Because if you do, you will not compete well for top talent.

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Bobby Whitehouse