Hiring JMOs: JMOs are the way to go

I was speaking with a client recently who had worked with Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) before and had just joined a new company. He contacted us in pursuit of hiring JMOs (Junior Military Officers that are transitioning out of the military into a civilian career). He’d obviously had a good experience which I asked him to describe:

“The first time I began hiring JMOs I was skeptical.  I wanted to support someone who had supported our country but was worried that he would be so used to giving orders that he would struggle in our unionized manufacturing environment and ‘upset the apple cart’.  The reality was quite the opposite – he was used to doing all the paperwork that our union environment dictated but he knew how to coach and counsel as well. When an employee was written-up, he worked with them so that they actually overcame the documented incident and went on to improve considerably. This was the rule not the exception. I was impressed that he was able to earn the respect of some pretty hard-core long-time employees AND get the job done.  I need to replace some folks that will be retiring soon and as far as I’m concerned JMOs are the way to go.