Get ‘Em While They’re Hot: Veterans Are Highly Sought-After

If you follow the news, you’ve likely seen lots of headlines about corporate initiatives to hire veterans. Wal-Mart recently increased its goal of hiring 100,000 veterans to 250,00, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation collected promises from more than 2,000 businesses to hire at least 200,00 more veterans -– to name a few.

Here’s the rub. Many veterans are already employed. According to a recent article on [Military Times](, “even though the unemployment rate for the nation’s newest vets ticked up a bit from December to January, the 5.7 percent rate is the lowest January rate since 2008, when the Bureau of Labor Statistics started tracking this group.”

![enter image description here]( "veteran unemployment statistics")

There’s no need to be discouraged, however. Although many veterans are currently employed, many are also looking for their next career opportunity.

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