Five tips for a winning site visit with a military candidate

Top military candidates are in high demand, even in recessions and especially in recoveries. Here are 5 tips from one of my top clients regarding how they put on a first class site visit.

1. Assign a sponsor. Preferably a military-experienced performer who can understand the candidate’s point of view in assessing potential employers.

2. Pick them up at the airport. Sure they can take a cab, shuttle or rent a car. But when a sponsor from the company picks them up, it makes them feel welcome. It also provides an opportunity for peer level small talk.

3. Executive Involvement. Military-experienced talent is accustomed to meeting with top brass. Nothing says “we are serious about development” like a meeting with the boss. This is a great opportunity to impress the candidate.

4. An all-access tour. Give them a bit of “star treatment” by introducing them to the key players in each part of your business. Touring the facility and meeting team leaders is a great opportunity for questions and for the candidate to gain a better understanding of the business.

5. Involve their spouse. This is a two sided decision so if the candidate is married, have a sponsor for their spouse, too. Relocating a family to a new location brings with it inherent concerns. A tour of neighborhoods and attractions with a good guide will help seal the deal with the spouse.

Top performers appreciate stand out organizations. They are looking at the top teams in industry. My client was not a Fortune 100 company but a smaller firm that beat the big boys every time.

Bobby Whitehouse