Ecommerce: A Few Clicks to the Tools You Need to Find Military Veteran Job Seekers

In a world where we now order our fast food meals at a kiosk, businesses that continue to take orders only by phone, fax, or email no longer serve their customers effectively. It is our hope that our clients will find [our ecommerce platform]( to be a more efficient path in their journey to hire veterans.

The world of ecommerce had a milestone year in 2018: sales on B2B ecommerce websites and marketplaces surpassed $1 trillion, a growth of 11 percent, according to Forrester Research and Digital Commerce 360. The landscape in which sales occurred in person, by phone or by fax is shrinking, and B2B sellers are increasingly finding success on websites and online marketplaces through ecommerce.

###Here to Stay###

Although there’s no question that B2B ecommerce is evolving rapidly, the data differs on just how fast. Forrester projects that the U.S. B2B ecommerce industry will hit $1.8 trillion by 2023. Yet another report from Frost and Sullivan maintains that global B2B ecommerce sales will top $6.6 trillion by 2020 and will blow past B2C sales (valued at $3.2 trillion) by 2020.

What’s clear, though, is that B2B ecommerce is here to stay. As Amazon and B2C ecommerce has exploded, B2B companies have realized that evolution is a necessity in order to remain relevant and better serve their core customers. That means increased competition, new technologies, and an improved overall customer experience.

Growth will continue: Forrester projects that over the next five years B2B ecommerce will grow 7.7 percent annually in the U.S. alone. Moreover, nearly 60 percent of all purchases will be made online by 2020.

The challenge for businesses is architecting tools that are easy to implement on the business side, and easy to use on the customer side. Salesforce data reveals that although the global B2B market is four times larger than the B2C market overall, many companies struggle to nail down an intuitive, high-quality customer experience.

###RecruitMilitary Implements One-Stop Shopping###

We are happy to report that RecruitMilitary has jumped into B2B ecommerce with both feet. We recognized that we could operate more efficiently and offer our customers a better experience if we made our entire suite of products available through an [ecommerce platform]( Although we previously offered some of our products through ecommerce, we are excited to offer a more streamlined client experience with this change. Now our customers can purchase multiple job fairs and other products with one easy check out.

For two decades, businesses that want the best way to hire veterans have turned to our products and services. We’re glad it’s easier than ever to use our products to hire veteran talent.