Conference Magic, a two-way Street

“Conference Magic” is a term we often use to explain the intangible nuances of the Bradley-Morris, Inc. (BMI) ConferenceHire® military hiring event. At the most basic level, the military hiring event serves to connect hiring managers and top military-experienced candidates. Interviews occur and hires result.

And while we (rightly) tend to focus on the candidate-and-client connection, there are other tangible and intangible benefits occurring as well:

  • There is no better way to begin to understand how the transferable skills from the service relate to their industry than when hiring managers attend a military hiring event.
  • The advantages of a “face-to-face” meeting work both ways. Employers are often won over in terms of their consideration of a candidate or the military talent pool in general only after taking a “leap of faith” to attend the event and meet the job seekers. In turn, candidates also get more excited about a non-“Name” company or more challenging job location after meeting a hiring manager / company leader (we see this happen time and time again).
  • The competitive landscape of the ConferenceHire military hiring event gives employers a great read on how their company / job / locations / employer brand / recruiting pitch resonates with their target market. It’s a mini-focus group.

In the end (if you’ll excuse my mixed metaphor), Conference Magic delivers Rock Star placements.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy Wonderlane