Be David When Hiring Military

You know David versus Goliath? It’s the story that came to mind recently when a virtually unknown company bested a Fortune 500 giant in hiring a military-experienced superstar. It played out a lot like the story.

Goliath relied on the power of their brand. They were slow in their process. They kept the candidate at a distance while they cautiously weighed their decision, gathering consensus from many parties.

David on the other hand was quick and nimble. They rolled out the red carpet and kept letting the candidate know they were very interested. They had pre-briefed key decision makers and therefore were able to secure feedback quickly and deliver information instantly. And they secured an acceptance before the other offer had even made it to the approval stage.

In competing for top candidates, quick and nimble in most cases will win. So even if you’re Goliath, learn to hustle like David.

Bobby Whitehouse

Photo courtesy of maha-online