Analytics, a Military Talent Scout and Performance DNA

I consider myself a military talent scout, so when I saw Kurt Ballard’s blog, Using Analytics to Win the War for Talent, I was easily hooked. I didn’t read Moneyball, but I did enjoy the movie. As much as I would like to identify with Brad Pitt, I’m more of a Jonah Hill, the numbers nerd.

Cracking the code on past military performance requires more than translating evals. In the service, one’s career path speaks to their accomplishments. Where and why selections for assignments are made is the Performance DNA of the military. I mentioned in Hiring Military – The Right Thing for Business that I am part of a team of area experts representing many military-specific communities. We decode career paths frequently – with more than 20 years of experience, we can consistently predict future superstars. When position, company and culture are well-matched with a job seeker’s Performance DNA, military-experienced candidates shine.

As Human Resources / Talent Acquisition evolves, metrics regarding Human Capital will increase in C suite discussions. Do you know where your best come from? If you are looking for strong ROI, consider engaging a military talent scout.

Bobby Whitehouse

Image courtesy ºNit Soto