Ally in the War for Talent

Over the past 5 quarters, I have personally observed that a much more competitive hiring climate for technical and engineering candidates has developed. Increased competition for leadership in production and maintenance is also on the rise. Is the “war for talent” heating up?

Dr. John Sullivan recently posted on, The War for Talent is Returning; Don’t Get Caught Unprepared providing tips to companies for being more competitive in the new employee-focused market. Also heating up: the competition for military-experienced talent. It has never been more popular to hire military. Many companies are leveraging their media with an all out blitz on the military community (e.g., see the recently released 2012 Most Valuable Employers (MVE) for Military).

As some of the tried and true sources for military get thinned out, employers must begin to expand the breath of their searches, tapping new resources to keep their pipeline full. Companies will use a matrix approach, like the Bradley-Morris, Inc. military talent footprint that sources via a variety of touch points. In this way, they will cover down on formerly less-crucial channels and keep their talent levels high, or at least higher than a less-motivated competitor!

Bobby Whitehouse