A question about government paid relocation

Hi, I’m Mo Stern and I’m new to the blog but excited to be posting here. I’ve been helping companies recruit military since the mid ’90s, so hopefully I along with Lisa can answer some of your questions.

For instance, this week a company asked me if there was a “catch” to the relocation benefits provided to military personnel as they transition back to civilian life at the conclusion of their service obligation.

I explained that the government will relocate the individual from their exit location back to their “home of record” (location where they entered the military) or the equivalent distance!

This is another reason why companies find military experienced candidates so attractive as new additions to their staff. Any savings on RELO costs is a huge benefit to a future employer.  Even with some companies dropping relo reimbursement due to economic pressures, the military relocation benefit still makes a transitioning military candidate more “mobile” than a civilian candidate.