A Business Case for Hiring Military

The business case for hiring military is all about business performance. Most CEOs understand the relationship between hiring for performance and business performance: A performance team directly contributes to the bottom line. Related to this, many success stories have established that military-experienced talent has a proven track-record of performance.

Long before hiring military was a national initiative, companies like Career Development Corporation placed officers coming home from the Vietnam war. Around 1970, CDC (now part of Bradley-Morris, Inc.) started the hiring conference model that is so efficient in identifying and matching military-experienced talent and job openings. This model has stood the test of time and continues to be the most efficient method for hiring military.

Ford, IBM, Texas Instruments and GE are some of the early adopters who continue to invest heavily in hiring military. Jack Welch mentions hiring military in his books Jack: Straight from the Gut and Winning. I experienced a great military talent to corporate performance team in working with Callidus CEO, Bill Bartlett where I witnessed first hand the increased business performance and revenue resulting directly from our placement services. And more recently, Amazon has made getting the right military-experienced people on their bus a priority.

Our current environment of pro-military hiring is great. As Human Resources teams rally around the cause looking to make the business case. I say, look no further than America’s top companies. While it should feel good to hire veterans, let us not forget the importance of winning in business.

Bobby Whitehouse


Image courtesy Jase Man