21st Century Warship a Showcase for Military Talent

A friend of mine recently attended the commissioning of the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) in Baltimore and I enjoyed learning about this technical marvel. It was interesting to hear that this ship, one of the largest and most technologically advanced warships in the fleet, only carries a third of the crew of previous destroyers. Doing more with less. Does this sound familiar in your own line of work?

This required the Navy to rethink staffing the ship. For one, the ship’s server-based systems allow any crew member to control any function from any station. This puts a greater focus on cross-training. The state of the art systems require a tech savvy maintenance team and the expandable systems, able to upgrade to more efficient software when developed, require forward-thinking leaders to review best practices and think several steps ahead in planning upgrades.

You can bet this assignment, and the challenges of debugging the USS Zumwalt on the high seas, were given to the Navy’s best Officers and Petty Officers and are a showcase for military talent. And under the command of Captain James Kirk, the bar was set high.

For corporate hiring managers and recruiting professionals this is just another example of how the US military leads the world in recruiting our best and brightest and tasks them with the responsibility of a safe operation of multi-billion dollar equipment with stellar capabilities. To boldly go…well you get that I mean.

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Bobby Whitehouse


Image courtesy Petty Officer 1st Class Nathan Laird/Released