RMS² Product Specifications

Every client has unique veteran hiring needs and priorities, and not all products listed below might be appropriate for your specific situation. Your Client Strategist is here to help you navigate product choices by creating a cohesive, data-driven communication and branding strategy that will augment your candidate engagement efforts and aid in achieving your goals.

Resume Database & Job Board

Automated Job Feed Setup: Automate the posting and updating of your jobs on the RecruitMilitary Job Board by using an XML job feed.

Generate your own job feed or use a third-party solution, such as an applicant tracking system (ATS) or job distributor.

Delivery options include:

Providing RecruitMilitary with a URL to the job feed file

Uploading the job feed file directly to a RecruitMilitary-hosted FTP server

Providing RecruitMilitary access to the job feed file via a client-hosted FTP or SFTP server

Visit our Bulk Jobs Documentation to explore requirements, common issues and FAQs. Alternative file formats and delivery methods can be evaluated for compatibility.

Organization Profile: Build a compelling organization profile on our job board.

Please submit:

  • Company logo in two sizes: 128×128 pixels and 500×350 pixels.
  • A short statement on why hiring veterans matters to your company.

See this example for the type of information to include in your profile.

Database Access & Training: Become insiders on searching our database for your perfect candidates.

Please provide a list of individuals to be granted access to the candidate database

  • Include: name, email, phone number and their recruiting area of expertise/hiring location.
  • If more than 4 users are needed, your Client Strategist will provide you with a spreadsheet to input their information.

Hiring managers and recruiters are eligible for a 30-minute database training. We will discuss a good date/time to hold the training session during our first meeting.

Event Coordination: Access enthusiastic and active job-seeking veterans at our virtual and in-person career fairs.

Use our online event schedule to find locations and formats available.

Scheduling, training, and accountability tracking for event attendance & performance will be discussed during our first meeting.

Veteran Job Fairs

Please notify your Client Strategist as soon as possible with the specific events your organization wishes to attend.

View Full Veteran Job Fair Schedule

RecruitMilitary now uses an event portal which is your hub for all event management.

Within the event portal, there are three types of roles for each organization:

  • Organizer

    This is you (or) a colleague you designate as organizer of your team

  • Attending Representatives

    These are your team members who will be onsite at the event

  • Search Users

    These are your team members with access during and post event to registered job seekers

Your Client Strategist is standing by to assist you with managing your role assignments.

If you wish to send targeted communications to candidates prior to an event, we must receive confirmation of your attendance and a list of attending representatives at least two weeks before the event.


Website Advertising

Please allow for 72 hours (3 business days) for your ad to be deployed once the content is received.

We support the following formats: GIF, JPG, PNG. The maximum file size we support is 40 KB.

Hyperlinks to postings on the RecruitMilitary Job Board or organization profiles may be used.

Microsite Badges

Please provide an 128×128 static logo in one of the formats listed above.

Banner Ad

Please provide a 250×250 Flash file or image in one of the formats listed above. We do support animated GIFs. There is no rotation or time limit on animated ads.

Search & Employ


Artwork Requirements:

  • Artwork must be submitted as PDF files at 200 dpi.
  • All files must be CMYK formatted.
  • Fonts must be embedded.

Ad Size Specifications:

  • Full Page Ad: 7″ wide x 9.5″ high.
  • Full-Page Ad with bleed: 8.625″ wide × 11.125″ high.
  • Half-Page Ad: 7″ wide x 4.583″ high.

Best Practices for Advertising with Military Imagery

Social Media-Enabled Advertorial

To create a 1-page advertorial, we will need the following elements:

  • Company logo
  • Text or article (about 1,000 words)
  • Images or photos (200 dpi or greater), with captions

The text / article portion of the advertorial can be any of the following:

  • Success story – a story about a veteran employed at your company (or a student veteran, if your organization is a school) who has found success and can offer advice to other veterans
  • Company profile – a story about how your company values and supports the veteran community, specifically in the job market
  • Feature story – a story about a veteran-specific program or event in which your company participates to recognize and honor veterans
  • If preferred, the magazine’s editor can prepare the copy of a success story based on the employee’s answers to a short questionnaire.

VetTen Newsletter

The newsletter is sent on the first Wednesday of every month. Material is due by Monday, two weeks prior.

Hyperlinks to postings on the RecruitMilitary Job Board or organization profiles may be used.

Text Ads

  • Please provide a high-res company logo in GIF, JPG, or PNG format.
  • There is a text limit of approximately 900 characters, including spaces. We have editorial authority to alter ads for optimum performance.
  • We set all ads in the same typeface. Use of bold face, bullets, and uppercase lettering is at our discretion.
  • Please provide a URL to direct candidates toward.