May-June 2016

May-June 2016 Issue of
Search & Employ

Welcome to the May-June 2016 issue of RecruitMilitary’s Search & Employ®. This time, our featured industries are education and franchising.

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Recruiters' Best Practices

DAV/RecruitMilitary job fairs have a different dynamic than most. Recruiters have found that candidates at our events are highly qualified and eager to begin their civilian careers. But many of the candidates do not know how their skills and experiences apply to civilian jobs. Good recruiters are...

May-June 2016

Seven Tips from a Recruiter

Below is my best advice for transitioning, recently separated, and retired veteran military who are seeking civilian jobs. I base these tips on my nearly 10 years of experience in recruiting in the oil and gas industry.

May-June 2016

Get Great Job Leads With Our Free Registration and Job Search, Part 1

Do you have a few minutes right now to sign up for RecruitMilitary’s free job services?

May-June 2016

Job Fair Tips - and a Great New App

Robert Walker is vice president of sales at RecruitMilitary and a veteran of the United States Army. He is available at .

Employers that attend our RecruitMilitary Job Fairs in the next 12 months will almost certainly extend more than 15,000 job offers as a result of their attendance. Will one of...

Search & Employ®, May-June 2016