March-April 2017

March-April 2017 Issue of
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Welcome to the March - April 2017 issue of RecruitMilitary's Search & Employ®. This time, our featured industry is Government.

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To Serve Again: Opportunities in the Federal Government

Government agencies are working hard to bring veterans on board. They offer various reasons you might expect – you are familiar with national service, etc. But they also understand what Corporate America has long known: veterans are extremely valuable employees.

Search & Employ®, Government, March-April 2017

IT PAYS TO LEARN: An education can yield a lifetime of rewards

Though the rising cost of education can be daunting, a college degree is still worth it in the long run.

Search & Employ®, Education, March-April 2017


In order to help veteran job seekers evaluate opportunities in law enforcement, I asked Sgt. Corlett to discuss the operations of a mid-size city police department and to explain how law enforcement jobs might appeal to veterans.

Search & Employ®, Law Enforcement and Security, March-April 2017