March-April 2015

March-April 2015 Issue of
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Welcome to the March-April 2015 issue of RecruitMilitary’s Search & Employ®. This time, our featured industries are government and franchising.

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The Job Fair Paid Off


Epic Health Services provides pediatric skilled nursing and therapy services as well as adult home healthcare services. The company has clinics and home health branches in Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas – and is expanding rapidly in other...

Search & Employ®, Healthcare, March-April 2015

Home-Based Franchises: Ideal for Veterans and Their Spouses

By David E. Omholt, a franchise advisor with Veteran Franchise Centers (VFC) – a RecruitMilitary strategic partner. VFC offers a free service to veterans looking to learn more about the franchise buying process and options in the market. Omholt is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) and a...

Search & Employ®, Franchising, March-April 2015

Quite Frankly . . . Part 2

The second in a series of articles by Mike Francomb, senior vice president of marketing - candidate services - at RecruitMilitary and a former captain in the United States Army.

I HAVE BEEN WITH RECRUITMILITARY since 1998, the year the company was founded. In that time, I have worked in a variety...

Search & Employ®, March-April 2015

Trash to Treasure


JDog Junk Removal & Hauling sells junk removal and hauling franchises exclusively to veterans and other members of military families. The business is predicated on the notion that, when given the choice, Americans will almost always select a veteran-backed...

Search & Employ®, Franchising, March-April 2015