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Interview Q&A - Part 6: Retail Interview

This is the sixth in a series of articles in which I will provide questions that are typical of job interviews, along with answers of the kind that veterans should provide. Between each question and its answer, I will make a comment or two.


Helen, the veteran hiring specialist for a...

Search & Employ®, January-February 2016, Retail

Fulfilling its Veteran Hiring Pledge


John Peer is the Vice President of Goodyear retail, a unit of the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company, which is based in Akron, Ohio. He is dedicated to the operation of more than 600 company-owned tire and automotive service locations in the United States. His responsibilities...

Search & Employ®, September-October 2014, Retail

Grow with Gunn

Gunn Automotive Group

Curtis C. Gunn, Inc., was founded by C.C. "Pop" Gunn in 1955 with one Oldsmobile franchise. Today, the Gunn Automotive Group has seven franchises and three body shops. The company is consistently ranked by Automotive News as one of the Top 100 Automotive Mega Dealer Groups...

Search & Employ®, March-April 2015, Retail

A Great Fit for Veterans


ASP Solano and ASP Shooting Range offers firearms sales and training. The company is located in Vacaville, California, southeast of Sacramento, and operates two stores – which are within about five minutes of each other. The stores service all of the East Bay...

Search & Employ®, March-April 2015, Retail