Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified for Manufacturing. Use these resources to learn more.

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Common Ground for Veterans


For more than 65 years, engineers have turned to Tektronix for test, measurement, and monitoring solutions to solve design challenges, improve productivity, and reduce time to market. Tektronix produces test equipment for engineers focused on electronic design, manufacturing, and...

Search & Employ®, July-August 2015, Manufacturing

Analysis, Organization, Method


Haworth Inc. manufactures a wide variety of workplace products, including seating, storage products, moveable walls, raised-access flooring, and technology products that enhance collaboration and creativity. The company serves markets in more than 120 countries through a global...

Search & Employ®, July-August 2015, Manufacturing

Every Decision Matters


Ford Motor Company manufactures or distributes automobiles across six continents; its automotive brands include Ford and Lincoln. The company has 66 plants and 194,000 employees worldwide. It provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company. Company headquarters...

Search & Employ®, July-August 2015, Manufacturing

Opportunities in Manufacturing - The Challenge: Increase Efficiency

If the word “manufacturing” makes you think of giant factories full of grimy, noisy machines tended by multitudes of workers in overalls and hard hats, you need to update your thinking. Yes, there are still some plants like that in the United States, but they are becoming rarer and rarer as...

Search & Employ®, July-August 2015, Manufacturing