Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified for Manufacturing. Use these resources to learn more.

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Army Officer Brings Leadership and Problem-Solving Skills to Carmeuse Lime & Stone

Carmeuse Lime & Stone knows veterans make great employees. Their HR execs have the inside scoop on how to make the most of veteran career fairs and interviews.

Manufacturing, September-October 2017


Manufacturing workers will need to be smarter and better-trained to get the best jobs in the industry. Fortunately, that is something that benefits the better educated, better trained military veteran. Your technical skills, dedication to safety, and ability to adapt and learn new procedures give...

Manufacturing, July-August 2017

Opportunities in Manufacturing

If the word “manufacturing” makes you think of giant factories full of grimy, noisy machines tended by multitudes of workers in overalls and hard hats, you need to join the 21st century. Yes, there are still some plants like that in the United States, but they are becoming rarer and rarer as...

Search & Employ®, Manufacturing, July-August 2016

2,500 Veterans Aboard and Ingersoll Rand Wants More


The people and brands of Ingersoll Rand — including Club Car, Ingersoll Rand, Thermo King, and Trane — work together to enhance the quality and comfort of air in homes and buildings. Ingersoll Rand is a $12 billion global business with a long history of hiring veterans. The...

Search & Employ®, Manufacturing, July-August 2014