Many veterans enter the workforce with specific skills and advantages that make them uniquely qualified to open a franchise. It’s a lucrative opportunity for those with the desire and access to funding. Use these resources to learn more about the process and pitfalls that go with owning and operating a franchise.


  • Is business ownership right for you?
  • Avoid these 5 pitfalls when buying a franchise
  • Connecting with the franchise that’s right for you

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A Future in Project Management

Vets2PM trains veterans to obtain the Project Management Professional credential and prepares them for a hiring interview with a two-page executive resume and an interview-skills workshop. In addition, it offers lifetime job coaching and placement assistance.

Vets2PM is a Service-Disabled...

May-June 2016, Franchising

Your Research Guide to Franchise Ownership

Use this guide to learn about franchising and the opportunities available in franchising.

Search & Employ®, May-June 2016, Franchising

Flexibility - A Key to Successful Entrepreneurship

Leadership, commitment, a strategic mindset – great qualities for veterans to bring to the world of entrepreneurship. And a fourth quality can be every bit as valuable – flexibility. That quality separates the United States armed forces from those of other nations: American combat leaders are...

Search & Employ®, March-April 2016, Franchising

Franchises and Veterans are Good Matches

There’s been chatter in the mainstream press that franchisors are targeting veterans – and that this is a bad thing.


My own observation is that some franchises can be excellent matches for veterans who want to run their own businesses.

Of course, success depends on the individual veteran...

Search & Employ®, Franchising, January-February 2016