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What Is Your Driving Force?


Patterson-UTI Drilling Company LLC is the second-largest land-based drilling company in the United States; it serves major and independent oil and gas companies. The company and its subsidiaries have more than 275 marketable rigs operating primarily in the...

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, May-June 2015

Energize Your Job Search - High-Paying, Secure Jobs Are Available in the Energy Industry

The recent drop in oil and gas prices has slowed the growth of much of the energy industry, but veterans can still look to that industry for high-paying, secure careers. Both traditional and new segments of the industry are still growing, and across the United States there is a demand for new...

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, May-June 2015

Applying Fishelosophy


Team Fishel specializes in utility construction and network installation services for gas, electric, telecom, broadband cable TV, municipality, and commercial end users. Based in Columbus, Ohio, the company has 1,800 teammates working out of 32 offices in 13 states from Virginia to...

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, July-August 2015

Energy Jobs Outlook

Associations of energy companies are great sources of information about the energy industry and the job opportunities available in that industry. As the following briefings indicate, the jobs outlook in energy is good, and is likely to remain so.

Search & Employ®, Energy & Utilities, September-October 2015