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We connect your company with candidates who have specific military backgrounds and skills that match your job openings. Learn more.

Using Placement Services to Find Your "Must-Have" Employees

When crunching budget numbers, hiring often reverts to “must-have” only, and those “must-have” hires tend to circle around specific role types or core skills. RecruitMilitary Placement Services streamlines the process, aligning your roles to the military skillsets within key industries.

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What Skills Do Mechanical and Technical Military Positions Provide?

More than simply vocational or skills-based training, the armed forces develop their personnel to become problem solvers adept at completing highly technical work.

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Drive Candidates to Apply with a Compelling Job Posting

A job posting can be a great place to tell potential candidates about what sets your organization apart from the others.

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Inclusivity Tips for Onboarding & Retaining Veteran Hires

Is your onboarding process military-inclusive? Here's how to know.

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