Use these resources to better understand the veteran landscape. This includes the ability to translate military skillsets into civilian terms and to understand the on-boarding and support that will better ensure success.

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Preparing for the inevitable OFCCP compliance evaluation is key for a successful review.

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Veteran-owned, Veteran-led, and Veteran-advised: Becoming RecruitMilitary

RecruitMilitary's founder shares the evolution of the company from a big idea to an industry leader in recruiting veterans.

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Passion and Purpose: The Story of RecruitMilitary

Please join us as we recount stories of how RecruitMilitary came to be, in the company's 20th year.

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The Challenge in Finding Quality Talent These Days

Finding veterans to hire in the current market climate can be a challenge, even for companies that are solidly committed to increasing the number of servicemen and -women in their work forces.

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