Use these resources to better understand the veteran landscape. This includes the ability to translate military skillsets into civilian terms and to understand the on-boarding and support that will better ensure success.

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“If You Build It, They Will Come:” Top 10 Elements of an Effective Veteran Hiring Program

For companies that may be looking into developing a veteran hiring program, the biggest question is often “how?”

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Drive Candidates to Apply with a Compelling Job Posting

A job posting can be a great place to tell potential candidates about what sets your organization apart from the others.

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Chapter 6: New Tools, New Talent

The company was moving in the right direction. No one knew that its largest revenue generator was just around the corner and would revolutionize the military-to-civilian niche.

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Preparation and Strength in Numbers Leads to Virtual Career Fair Success

When it comes to success at a virtual career fair, there is strength in numbers.

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